EYFS Home Learning - Week 6

Dear parents and children,

I hope you are all well and ready for the week ahead.

Were you lucky enough to see the Red Arrow flight pass on VE day? Some of my friends got to and I was wishing that I had also – I was then hoping to see the Spitfires, however, I was hanging up balloons when they flew over so only got to hear them.
At that moment I felt another wave of emotion within me as I was so wishing to see them. I tried not to feel too disappointed.
This week I urge you to think about how the animals in the story of The Very Busy Spider may be feeling when the spider does not talk to them – can you imagine what waves of emotions they may experience as you go through the story?
Perhaps you feel a little wary of spiders? Will you become fascinated with them as you research more about them? I have always felt admiration for their ability to spin a web, each and every one unique – just like you!
Today, I feel hopeful that you will enjoy the activities and be like the ‘SAVS spider’ as you make connections and links in your learning as you work. I will be thinking of you all, as ever,

Much love, Selina.

The Very Busy Spider: Carle, Eric: 9780399229190: Amazon.com: Books

So, as you may have already guessed, the maths and literacy activities this week are mainly themed around the story of The Very Busy Spider. I have attached an animated version for you to enjoy. Please share the story first before completing the activities you and your child wishes to embark upon.

The Very Busy Spider  Eric Carle


Maths - Linked Activities

MInibeast - i-spy

Minibeast  - i-spy checklist


Literacy - Linked activities

Suggestions on how to use the attached materials - Literacy/cross curricular:

  • Can you read The Very Busy Spider? Then can you think of another way to describe the spider? For example, the very hard-working spider.
  • Can you use the story map to retell the story? What is your favourite part of the story? Can you make the sounds of the animals?

          Story Map - The Very Busy Spider

  • How do you think the animals felt when the spider was too busy to play? Can you choose one of the animals and write a sentence about how they felt? Can you understand why the spider did not answer them?
  • Can you think of another animal that could join the story? What will they ask the very busy spider to do? Can you write a sentence for the story?
  • Can you use the beginning of the story sheet and fill in the gaps to complete the sentences?

          Beginning of the story - fill in the gaps

  • Can you use the spider acrostic poem sheet to think of words to describe a spider and it behaviours? For example, S for silk spinning.

         Acrostic Poem

  • Can you use the spider powerpoint to investigate facts about spiders and their behaviours? You could make a poster to show your findings.

         Spider Powerpoint

  • Can you use the parts of a spider sheet or draw the very busy spider and label the spider’s body parts?

         Spider Body Parts - Labeling Activity

  • Can you create some spider art using the resources provided or think of your own ideas?

          Paper Plate Spider

          Spiderweb Art

  • On your daily walk can you go on a mini beast hunt in your local area?  What mini beasts can you find?

         Mini beast hunt

  • Can you sort the mini beasts into those with legs and those without?

        Mini beasts - Legs or no legs?

Phonics - igh / i-e

The phonic focus this week is on the igh/i-e sound as well as revisiting prior learning as always.

Phonics – igh sound






Phonics – i-e sound





Alphablocks episode featuring both igh/i-e



Spider themed songs

There is an animated version of the song, spider in the bath for you to sing along with.

Spider in The Bath

Incy Wincy Spider


Mini-beast themed movement

Can you use the mini-beast movement cards to move in different ways?

Mini beast action cards

Or join in with just dance kids performing actions to Itsy Bitsy Spider?

Itsy Bitsy Spider