EYFS Home Learning - Week 7

Dear Parents and Children,

How are you all? Did you enhance or develop a new found appreciation of spiders following on from last week’s activities?
The home learning agendas ahead will involve marvelling at the wonder of worms. I have always been fascinated by earthworms and the way they are able to tunnel, squeeze into tight spaces and wiggle around – this locomotion is brought about by waves of contraction in their muscles!
I am sure as you investigate further these incredible invertebrates you will find facts about them that will evoke awe and wonder in yourselves!
So without further ado, in the words of Kyle Minogue, “…come on, come on, do the locomotion with me…”
I will be thinking of you all, as ever,

Much love, Selina.

The maths and literacy activities this week are mainly themed around the story of Superworm. I have attached an animated version for you to enjoy. Please share the story first before completing the activities you and your child wishes to embark upon. 


Super Worm - Story Questions

Other useful titles of interest:

I can only draw worms 

Yukky Worms


Literacy - Linked activities

And Relax...

The bird and the worm themed yoga

The Bird and the Worm (Sun Salutation)