EYFS Home Learning Week One

Dear Parents and children,

I hope you had a glorious Mothering Sunday together and are ready for the new week ahead.

As we navigate a new way of being during the coming weeks I urge you to be kind to yourselves and remember that you are all doing an amazing job at educating your child as their first and most enduring educators.

Going forward, please have fun with your learning journeys at home and remember to take regular breaks and allow time for play and exercise.

As you structure your day, you may will wish to build in a regular routine so your child becomes accustomed to their new daily rhythms.

You know your child the best therefore you are in the greatest place to judge when your child is most susceptible to applying themselves to various tasks and when they need time and space to follow their own lines of enquiries or simply relax.

I will be thinking of you all with fondness.


Spring Watch

 ‘Spring watch’

As we have officially moved from one season to the next there is no better time to encourage the children to go on a sound/sight walk to spot any signs of spring that they may encounter. (In keeping with the latest social distancing advice).

Talk to the children about the changes that occur as we move from Winter to Spring.

Document what they see and hear.

Encourage children to draw/paint images of spring such as animals or spring flowers with captions/labels or simple sentences.

Take images using ICT

Can they think of any aspects of Spring that they would like to learn more about?

Can they make a weather chart to see if we are getting any Spring like weather?

Phonics Challenges

Phonics challenges

Speed read sheet – children that do not read words at speed please omit the ‘speed’ element and support your child by sounding out the words together where necessary.




Play Free Games

Play free games – phase 2 buried treasure and dragon’s den. Children to read the words and they can write them also if they wish –


Practical Ideas try at home

Activities to try at home linked to Early Learning Goals