Staffing – Academic Year 2019 - 2020

Headteacher Miss Kate Rimell
Deputy Headteacher Mrs Carey Kelly
School Business Manager Mrs Helen Thomson
Admin Assistant Mrs Dawn Moyce
Teaching Staff
Foundation Stage 2 Miss Selina Slone
Year 1 Mrs Jacqueline Grumbt
Year 2 Mrs Lizzie Kelly
Year 3 Miss Naomi Webb
Year 4 Mr James Addison
Year 5 Mrs Ilaria Winterbottom
Year 6 Mr Jack Forrest
Sports and Forest School Mrs Nickii Higgins
Teaching Assistants
Foundation Stage 1 Mrs Lauren Ellis/Mrs Gina O'Brien
Foundation Stage 2   Miss Alison Walsh
Year 1 Miss Denise Cummings
Year 2 Miss Katie Procter
Year 3 Mrs Christine Wynne/Mrs Carolyn Shepherd/Mrs Tracy Hughes
Year 4 Mrs Emma Knibbs/Mrs Lucy Anderson
Year 5 Mrs Tara Kidd/Mrs Abbie McInery
Year 6 Mrs Sam Knight
Forest School Mrs Lisa Mescall
1:1 SEN Support Miss Lauren Hawkes
Pastoral Support
Behaviour Support/ELSA Mrs Tracy Hughes
Special Education Needs
SENCo Mrs Carey Kelly 
Speech and Language Therapy Mrs Tracey Abbotts