Year 1 Home Learning - Week 4

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed to enjoy the sunny weather!

Again, please find the work below to complete for the week, Same as always - do what you can, when you can. To help make it a little easier I have put numbers in brackets on the literacy lessons as a rough guide as what to do when, i.e - (1) can be the first lesson, then (2) is the second etc. However, you can do however much you like in a day, just please do them in numerical order.

With the Maths, the children have a measurement pack to complete, which they can do 2/3 sheets per day (more details below), There is also a  2 x table activity and a PowerPoint which has the numbers 0 - 100 and back again. In Year 1 children are meant to know their 2 x tables off by heart and be able to count to and from 100, forwards and backwards from any given number. If you could practise both of these  with the children that would be great : ) 

There's also lots of fun things to complete at the end of this page too - so enjoy!

It was really nice to talk to some of you last week! Sorry my Wifi isn't the best and cut out, if you do it again please inform the office as it's lovely to see you everyone. The answers to the chocolate picture round of the quiz were: 1) Bounty 2) Crunchie 3) Penguin 4) Mars  5) Freddo... sorry if this gave you all a chocolate craving after!

Have a great week everyone and take care!

Miss Gardener xx

Handwriting and Spellings

Please complete the spellings and handwriting on page 3 this week. Again, practising your cursive handwriting whilst doing the spellings. 

Phonics Activity Mat 3

Please complete Phonics Activity Mat 3 only. You can find the answer sheets towards the end of the document. 

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Above  is a SPaG mat for the children to complete. Choose which sheet is appropiate (1 star = hard, 2 stars = harder and 3 stars = hardest). You can find answers at the bottom.

Grammar Activity on Plurals

Recapping adding 'es' or 's' to make plurals. 

Grammar Activity Answers (for sheet above)

Please find answers on the link above.

Reading and Comprehension Questions - Jack and The Bean Stalk 

Reading this week is the story of Jack and The Bean Stalk. Again, please choose the appropiate sheet (1 star = hard, 2 stars = harder and 3 stars = hardest). The questions are under each sheet along with the answers. 

Literacy (1) - Jack and The Bean Stalk PowerPoint

Before children start writing please read this PowerPoint with your child. By the end of the week children can write their own version of Jack and The Beanstalk. 

Literacy (1) - Jack and The Bean Stalk Sorting Activity

A cut and stick activity sorting the order of the story. 

Literacy (2) - Reviewing the story

Fill in the boxes to ensure the children understand the story.

Literacy (3 / 4) - Writing the story

Re-write the story of Jack and The Bean Stalk. Children can use the template above or write their own versions on paper drawing their own pictures. Focus on capital letters at the beginning of sentences and for names and full stops.  

Literacy (5) - Creative Writing

Children to use their imagination to finish the sentence on the sheet - If I had a magic bean...

Children can draw pictures of what they would do with the magic bean first then write sentences. Again, focusing on capital letters and full stops. 

Starter Activity for Maths

Counting onwards and backwards from 100. You can use this PowerPoint or just simply ask the children to say it out loud to you. If they want a challenge you can count up and back in twos. 

2 x Table Activities

Please help children with their 2 x tables. You can do the sheets above or practise them in a random order with your children up to 12 x 2. The children also enjoy this BBC movers video:

If they know their 2 x tables please also practise 5 and 10 x tables. 

Measurement PowerPoint

This PowerPoint goes through some of the measurements the children will be doing in Maths this week.

Measurement Activity Booklet

Please try to complete 2/3 sheets per day. You can also make these activities as practical as you like i.e - making a cake, using actual weighing scales, letting children experiment with a measuring jug and water and showing them real money.

There is a printable metre ruler cut out below to help with page 2. 

Measurement Activity Answers

Answers sheets for the activities that require specific answers.

Metre Ruler Cut Out

Please ensure the children know the difference between the cm and mm line. 

Science - Inside My Body PowerPoint

A PowerPoint learning all about the inside of our bodies. 

Science - Inside My Body Activity

A cut and stick activity. Answers on the last sheet.

Science - Inside My Body Word Search

As an extra challenge the children can complete this word search. 

History - Christopher Columbus PowerPoint

A PowerPoint recapping who Christopher Columbus is. Activity explained on slide 13. 

History - Poster Activity

Template for children to create a poster to advertise Christopher Columbus’ trip to America. You can also tea stain the paper, or your own A4 for piece of paper, to make it look even more authentic. 

Fun Things - 3D lego model

Remember you can also make / draw the Brickies Lego challenge:

Fun Things - Fairy Tale Colouring

Fun Things - Dinosaur Colouring

Fun Things - Origami Cat

Fun Things - Origami Butterfly

Fun Things - Create your own board game

Children can add in addition or subtraction questions on the squares to make their games more interesting!