Year 1 Home Learning - Week 7

Hi All,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Again, please find the work set below for this week. In Literacy we will be writing diary entries. In Maths you will be doing fractions and Science you will be designing your very own healthy eating plate.

Great to talk to some of you last Friday and I wish you all a lovely week.

Next week is the half term break so there won't be any work set,

Take care everyone! Missing you all.

Miss Gardener xx

Handwriting and Spellings

Please complete the spellings and handwriting on page 6 this week. Practise cursive handwriting whilst doing the spellings. 

Phonics Activity Mat 6

Please complete Phonics Activity Mat 6 only. Find the answer sheets towards the end of the document. 

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Above  is a SPaG mat for the children to complete. Choose which sheet is appropiate for your child (1 star = hard, 2 stars = harder and 3 stars = hardest). Answers at the bottom.

Reading and Comprehension

Reading and comprehension questions on various sea creatures. Please read the fact cards with your child (it's just one level of reading this week) then answer the questions about the different creatures. 

Literacy / Geography (1) - PowerPoint on Oceans of The World

At the end of the week children will be writing their own diaries about a 'trip' they have taken on a special machine which allows them to visit the worlds 5 different oceans in one week.

In order to give them inspiration with what to include in their diaries please revisit the PowerPoint on the link above on the Oceans of the World. 

Literacy / Geography (1 ) : - Activity on Oceans Research 

After reading the PowerPoint above and / or doing some extra research on google (with an adults help) ask your child to fill in the Oceans Booklet on the link above. They can write interesting facts that they have learnt about each ocean from the PowerPoint or from their own research.

Literacy (2) : Grammar - Time Conjunctions

Time conjunctions are words or phrases which tell the reader when something is happening. The sheet above shows you some examples of these. The children will be using these when they write their own diaries. Ask your child to write some sentences that include time conjunctions from the sheet on the link above.  

Literacy (2) - Diary Writing PowerPoint

Please go through this PowerPoint and complete it with your child. 

Choose 1 of the 3 diary entries below:

Literacy (2) - Diary entry of a Young Pirate

Literacy (2) - Diary entry of an Astronaut

Literacy (2) - Diary entry of Little Red Riding Hood

Choosing one of the diary entries  above ask your child to underline / label or point out the following features of a diary entry:

- The date or time 

- words where is shows the diary was written in the past (past tense)

- words showing it was written in first person eg - I, my, we or our.

- Interesting sentences and events that have happened. 

- where the writer has written about their feelings

- time conjunctions like next, first or then

Literacy (3) - Design a special machine

In the childrens diaries they are going to be writing about how they are going on a weeks holiday exploring the 5 different oceans. In order to do this, they need to design a special mode of transport to help them get to each ocean in record timing.

Ask children to design their own mode of transport, it might look like a boat, rocket or plane... but it has to be able to get them to each ocean of the world super quickly so they have maximum time to explore! Their mode of transport might even be able to take them under the waters of each ocean so they can see the different types of sea creatures that live there!

Ask them to design, colour and label the machine, and most importantly give it a really cool name. 

Literacy (4 / 5 ) - Writing their own diarys (2 days worth of work)

So the time has come to for the children to write their diaries, trying to remember the features we looked at at the beginning of the week. On the link above you will find a diary booklet from Monday to Sunday.

The children can pretend they're writing their diary entries at the end of each day of their 'trip'. Here is a rough guide for the children to follow:

The Monday Section - Write about what you have packed in your suitcase to take with you on your 'oceans' trip. Describe the machine you are going on and how you are feeling! What are you most looking forward to seeing and doing?

The  Tuesday Section - You have just spent the day exploring The Pacific Ocean. What continents line the Pacfic Ocean? Did you see any interesting animals? Are there any particulary interesting facts about The Pacific Ocean?

The Wednesday Section - You have just spent the day exploring The Atlantic Ocean. What continents line this Ocean? Did you see any interesting animals? Do you know any other explorers that have travelled across The Atlantic Ocean?

The Thursday Section- You have just spent the day exploring The Indian Ocean. What countries / continents line this Ocean? Are there any endangered species here?

The Friday Section - You have just spent the day exploring The Southern Ocean. What countries / continents line this Ocean? Did you see any interesting sea creatures?

The Saturday Section- You have just spent the day exploring The Arctic Ocean. What countries / continents line this Ocean? What's the weather like here?

The Sunday Section - You're home now in your nice cosy bed, write about your trip and how it made you feel. Describe which ocean you 'liked' the best. Did you miss your family whilst you were away? How do you feel now you are back safe and sound?

Ask children to draw and colour a picture above each diary entry. 

Literact (5) : Checklist for Diary Entry

Using the checklist above ask you child to check their diary entry book to see if they have included all of the features of a diary. 

Ongoing Activity for Maths

Please continue to count onwards and backwards from 100 with your child. You can use this PowerPoint or just simply ask the children to say it out loud to you. If they want a challenge you can count up and back in twos, fives or tens. 

10 x Table Game

To help with their 10 x tables children can play this game.

Children can also use this link to help them learn:

Maths (1) : Fractions PowerPoint

Please go through this PowerPoint with your child to help them understand half and quarter fractions. 

Maths for the week - Fractions Booklet

If possible practise fractions with buttons or beads (something you have a lot of) and ask the children to split these in half or quarters (using even numbers).

Re-iterate that half is always splitting objects into 2 groups and quarters is always splitting objects into 4 groups. 

Monday - page 2

Tuesday - page 3

Wednesday - page 4

Thursday - page 5

Friday - page 6 and 7 

Maths Answer Booklet

Answers for the booklet on the link above. 

Maths Challenge Cards and Answers (optional)

If your child finishes the above booklet quickly and correctly please give them these fraction challenges. 

Science - Healthy Eating PowerPoint

Please go through this PowerPoint with your child.

Science - Healthy Living  Plate Activity

Cut and stick the correct foods into the right sections so you have a healthy, even food plate. 

Fun Things - Oceans colouring in picture

Fun Things - Create a leaf tile

Fun Things - Some eggcellent eggperiments

Fun Things - Make a rainbow experiment

Enjoy : )