Year 1 - Home Learning - Week Two

Hello kids, families and carers,

I hope you all had a great week last week! Please find below work for the week beginning Monday 30th March. The same as last week - do what you can, when you can! :) Underneath each link there are instructions for that subject. 

If you don't have a printer you could always get the document up on the computer and then do the work on a piece of paper. 

Below are a couple of links that I think the children might enjoy:

Lego challenge:

PE with Joe Wicks - 9am each day

The Maths Factor with Carol Voderman

Reading with David Wallaims - 11am each day

Cooking with Jamie Oliver

Music with Myleen Klass

There will not be any work uploaded next week due to it being the Easter Holidays.

I'm missing all you children lots and hoping that you are all getting on well!

Miss Gardener xx


Handwriting and Spellings

There are 10 sheets on this document. I am unable to save them all indiviudally, so please complete the spellings and handwriting on page 1 only this week. (There will be one sheet to do each week). Please practise your handwriting whilst doing the spellings. 

Phonics Activity Mat One

Please complete Phonics Activity Mat One. Again, there are several sheets. Please just do the first one this week. You can find the answer sheets towards the end of the document. 


This is a text about Neil Armstrong - we have been learning about him in History. At the bottom of each sheet there is 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars. 1 star = hard, 2 stars = harder and 3 stars = hardest, Please choose which sheet is appropiate. There are also answer underneath the question sheets.

Literacy - Research on Neil Armstrong

This week in Literacy I would like the children to complete a fact file on Neil Armstrong (it might be worth doing the reading activity first to help with this).

Before completeing the factfile I would like the children to do some research on Neil Armstrong - reading books or researching online (with the help of an adult). Children can take notes.  

You can also take a look at this link:

Literacy - Neil Armstrong Factfile Template

The above link is a factfile template the children can fill in. 

Maths - Addition and Subtraction pages 3 - 15.

The above link is a maths addition and subtraction booklet. For this week please complete pg 3 - 15. After the half term break the children can complete the rest of the booklet. If possible aim to do 2 - 3 pages a day.

Maths - Addition and Subtraction Answers

Answers to the maths booklet on the link above. 

Fun Things - Easter Egg Basket

Children can colour in and create these easter egg baskets!

Fun Things - Easter Egg Colouring

Children can colour in these Easter Eggs.