Year 2 - Home Learning - Week Eight

Hooray, we have made it to the final term !!

You have all done so well this year, just this final little hurdle to go!

This term we thought that we would have a mini topic. In light of all the recent events we have decided to do a topic all about RAINBOWS!

Each week we will continue to put work onto the website for you to complete at home at your own pace. It will involve some Maths, Literacy and Topic (covering the foundation subjects).

We hope that you are all staying safe and well. 

Maths  Monday Tutorial

MONDAY -  Watch the tutorial (click on link above) and then have a ago at the interactive game and the worksheet.  No need to print the worksheet out, you can always copy it onto any piece of paper.

Online practise




Maths Tuesday tutorial

Online practise



Maths Wednesday tutorial

Interactive game



Maths Thursday tutorial

Interactive game



Maths Friday tutorial



Do some research and see if you can find out how a rainbow is formed. Maybe make an information poster or a picture to show  what you have found out.  If you get stuck click on the link above to help!

Try this for fun. Maybe record what you discover! Take photos!

English -powerpint on acrostic poems

We are going to look at acrostic poems this week. First of all you will need to look at the powerpoint about acrostic poems to be able to generate some ideas for you work.


Write your own acrstic poem using your name. If your first name is short

your second name too!!! Just do a rough copy today and plan your ideas.


Write out your poem today so that you have all of your ideas finalised.


Write your poem out in neat. Make sure each capital letter hat the beginning of each sentence has a detail so it looks amazing!!! illustrate around the poem and send pictures of them to us.


Repeat but use the rainbows template to write an acrostic poem abot rainbows. Plan, draft and copy into neat nad send to us to look on the email!

Rainbow acrostic poem template