Year 2 Home Learning - Week 4

Hi All

We hope that you are well and that you are looking after your families well! Here are a few more ideas for you to keep you occupied. You can do as little or as much as you wish-as long as it is something daily! Don't forget to use Purple Mash and Bug Club. There is a spelling lesson followed by a week's worth of writing. Reading task is Bug Club.

Many thanks...miss you all.

Creative writing

There are several scenes that you can chose from for your creative writing. This can be done over the week. For example on Monday you can choose the setting and come up with some good vocabulary to describe it. You could put these into descriptive sentences using adjectives and noun phrases. Tuesday you can think about a couple of characters that might be in your story nad jot down some ideas. Wednesday describe the setting and what might happen in the stoyr. Think of a story opening leading up to a problem that might occur. On Thursday solve the problem and write the story ending. Friday copy it up into neat and illustrate it. Then email it to us!

White Rose Maths lessons

Continue this week to have a look at the lessons on White Rose maths website. Again you dont need to print the sheets out , you can just write the workings out and answers on any paper.  Make it practical as well. have a go at measuring different objects of you choice and then ordering them.


This is a good time to start looking at plants.

Monday - Investigate different parts of a plant. Click on the link below and then draw/paint or make a collage yourself of a plant and label it.

Tuesday - Plant some seeds, if you have some! Sunflowers are always a good one to grow! Think about what plants need to grow. 

Fill in the sheet below.

What plant need

WednesdayStart a plant diary and record what happens to you plant each week. Record as words or a drawing to see how the plant has changed. You can use the template below or make up you own.

Plant diary

Thursday - Experiment time! See how plants suck up water by their roots. Follow the link below and have a go! It works well with light colour flowers too!

Friday -  Have a look at some of the other videos on the BBC site you used the last couple of days and see what other interesting fact you can find out that you didn't already know!!

Have a good week everyone! Remember do what you can, make it your own and have fun! If you want to share anything at all with us then email to the address.  Thanks to those of you that have shared already. It has been great to see your faces! Once we have a few more we can put some pics up on here so you can all see! Miss ya!