Year 2 Home Learning - Week Five

Hello Year 2! We are hope that you are all well and managing to stay happy and safe. We have really enjoyed looking at your emails this week and have tried to reply to them all. Please keep sending us them as it is so lovely to hear from you !! Some amazing effort going into your home schooling from yourselves and your parents!!!

We are trying a new approach this week. We came across this on the internet and it looked pretty interactive. Please feel free to email us on the childrens email and we will see what feedback we get about it. Be honest!

We can't wait to see all of your happy faces when it is allowed and get back to what we are good at doing- being a SAVS family. Take care, The Year 2 team x

Working beginning 4/5/2020

Below are a few pictures that have been sent in. Thank you.