Year 3 Home Learning Week One

English and Maths

Week beginning 23/3/20

Year 3 Spring English

Week beginning 23/3/20

Year 3 Spring Maths

English Spring Answers

Year 3 Spring English Answers

Maths Spring Answers

Year 3 Spring Maths Answers



“P.E with Joe” Daily Live workouts for kids Monday-Friday 9-9:30am on YouTube


Spelling lists went out on Friday. The pattern this week is the sound ‘sh’ spelt using the sound ch

Group 1 Words with the ‘sh’ sound spelt ‘ch’

Group 2 Words with the ‘sh’ sound spelt ‘ch’

Group 3 Words with the ‘sh’ sound spelt ‘ch’

































On the spellzone website you can access spelling games

Those children with individual spelling lists please find activities and support at Phonics play


PHSE - Talking to Kids about the Coronavirus

The current coronavirus pandemic is causing anxiety and significant life changes throughout the world. Information about the virus can be confusing, overwhelming and scary. Talking about the virus, what’s being done to combat it and how all the changes around us are affecting our lives is crucial in helping kids to feel calm and empowered. Here are some tips:

  • Find out what your children already know.
  • Talk about your feelings as a family
  • Use developmentally appropriate, concrete language. For school aged children, consider saying something like:

“The coronavirus is a type of germ that is strong and making some people sick. It spreads from person to person when people sneeze or cough on or near each other.”

“It’s more serious for older people and people who have other health problems, but not as dangerous for kids like you.”

“Everyone is working together to stop the virus from spreading more. That is why (talk about things that may be cancelled or changed in their lives) is cancelled/postponed so that we can help protect everyone we love.”

“There are very smart scientists, doctors, nurses and politicians all around the world who are working very hard and fast to help do everything they can to keep people safe from the virus.”

  • Empower the whole family to feel in control (Circle of control activity may help)
  • Maintaining a routine
  • Keep things as fun as possible
  • Try to avoid watching the news 
  • Encourage older kids to minimize time on social media,

Further advice for parents discussing with children

A Kids Comic Exploring The Coronavirus

Video clip and Quiz

Circle of control Activity

In the outer circle write down things out of control

For example: how long school closures will last, if people get sick.

Write things you can control in the middle

For example: how often I wash my hands, social distancing, having a positive attitude, trying my best, using kind words.

Encourage the children to let go/worry less about things they can’t control and focus on all the things they can control.  



Science-Rocks-lesson-5.ppt- Could be a bit of a messy one! Happy investigating Year 3!

If Powerpoint not avaliable, click the link below.

Geography - This week you are finding out about earthquakes



If Powerpoint is not avaliable, please click the link below


This week you will be finding out about Boudicca’s Rebellion with a drama activity. Perhaps you could try finding some props to help you and your family get into character.



All around the UK and Europe, children have been drawing rainbows and displaying them in their windows at home. So why not try spreading a little joy by creating your own and see if you notice any in your neighbours windows.

Find out more


If you are interested Myleene’s Music Klass is avaliable online, the first session is about basic rhythms.

The Times Table and Division Challenge!


Please warm up your brains with hit-the-button Times Tables facts game before taking on the Times Table challenge. I set these challenges every half term. Children should be able to recall facts from the x2, x5, x10, x3, x4 and x8 by the end of Year 3. How many facts can your family members recall in half an hour?

Make sure you practise division facts with the hit the button game everyday next week before taking on the Division challenge.


For those children who enjoy LEGO. The link below will take you to a website with STEM activities. These give children hands-on practice with science, technology, engineering and math.