Year 4 - Home Learning - Week Eight


Reading and Writing Activities

Myths of Greece, Rome, ancient Norse legends, and stories from around the world:

The Catch

Share a story together, perhaps a story from another culture? Ask your child to identify any countries, cultures or food that are referenced in the story. 

  The Catch - Polynesia

This document includes a animation of the story too. 

Create an emotions graph tracking the boys emotions through the events in the story:

 Emotion Graph Template

    - Waiting with anticipation for the first catch, 
    - The distress caused by seeing the injured fox,
    - Anger at the fox stealing the fish,
    - Chasing the fox,
    - Surprise and excitement at seeing the giant fish, 
    - Trying to catch it, 
    - The catch at the end. 
Points to discuss:
  • Where the boy is from?
  • Why he has to fish for food?
  • What happens to the fox at the end? Why?

Myths and World Stories

Can your child design a book cover for a well-known myth e.g. Romulus and Remus? Or can they write an alternative ending instead? 


The Wooden Horse


The Wooden Horse - Web page link

The Wooden Horse - Word version

  • Can they summarise the main events by drawing a comic strip? 

 Comic Strip Template

Try to answer these questions in sentences

  • Where was Troy?
  • Why did people sometimes build walls around their city?
  • Why did they build gates in the wall?
  • Why were small holes made in the wall?
  • How long did the Greeks besiege the city?
  • Who was the Greek’s general?
  • Why was the wooden horse made by great artists?
  • Why did Odysseus pretend to sail away with his men?
  • Why did the Trojans think the horse was a gift?
  • What nearly went wrong for the men inside the horse?
  • What made the Trojans very tired the night the horse came into the Troy?
  • How many Greek soldiers were inside the horse?
  • What do you think it was like waiting inside the horse for the men?

The Black Hat

 The Black Hat Animation

The Literacy Shed website should ALWAYS be used under the supervision of an adult. There are some clips on the site which are only suitable for use with Year 6 children or KS3. Please ensure that children do not search the website independently. 

  The Black Hat - Activity Pack


  • Your child can learn to spell the continents of the world:
AsiaAfricaNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAntarcticaEurope and Australia.

Practise writing them using pencils, pens, chalk, sticks, typing, etc.


Practise spelling these words:

sadly, completely, usually, finally, comically.
  • Can your child identify the spelling rule for adding the ‘ly’ suffix? 
  • Can your child create their very own ‘Around the World’ crossword puzzle?

Help them write clues and a family member can complete it. 


Trace it. Choose 5 Common Exception words and trace around each word.

  • What does your child notice about the shape of each word? 

Year 3/4 Common Exception Words

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Ask your child to list adjectives and place names that begin with the same letter e.g. fascinating France, sweltering Sri Lanka, exquisite England.

  • Can they put these into a list poem? 


Look at this world flag posters together.

Flags of the World

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How many flags does your child recognise?
Ask your child to choose one of the countries and read online about their culture, cuisine, popular sport and significant/famous people from this country.