Year 4 - Home Learning - Week Four


Maths for Week Beginning 27th April 2020

The sheets get steadily harder as the week goes on.

  Monday Multiplication - 1 digit by 2 digits

  Monday Multiplication - 1  and 2 digits (Challenge)

  Tuesday - Multiplication - 2 digits by 1 and 2 digits

  Tuesday - Multiplication - 2 digits by 2 digits 

  Wednesday - More Multiplication - grid method

  Thursday - Word Problems - Hard

  Thursday - Word Problems - Harder

  Thursday - Word Problems - Hardest

Friday Maths Challenge

Shape Times Shape

Shape Times Shape - The Problem...

Where could you start?

What can you tell from the first multiplication with three purple squares and a yellow semi-circle?
Perhaps you can use what you now know to help you with another calculation?
How will you remember what you have tried and what you have found out? You could use this sheet to keep a note of what you think the shapes stand for.
The solution can be found here: 


Fun activiities to try at home:

Rainbow in a bottle - Density

Fireworks in a Glass


Lava Lamp


Climate change

These resources will help children to think about the impact of human activity on the Earth, and how this can lead to climate change. Discover what can be done to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air, which is warming up our world. What is global warming? Why are ‘clean’ energy resources special? What is the advantage of using wind farms to generate power?

Pupils will learn about the Department of Energy and Climate Change and its pledge to reduce carbon emissions by 2050 in the National Geographic Kids’ climate primary resource sheet.

National Geographic Kids’ climate primary resource sheet.

The teaching resource can be used for learning about and comparing the impacts of different types of energy, as a printed handout to review and annotate using the images included in the resource for class discussion.

  • Create a ‘What is global warming’ diagram and label it using the information provided.
  • You could make a poster to warn about the impacts of global warming, or how it can be reduced.
  • For a greater challenge write a report on global warming, explaining what it is, and what can be done to reduce its effects. 
  • Alternatively, you could imagine you have travelled through time to the year 2050, and describe how energy is produced and how different the environment may look.

Climate Change Powerpoint A

Climate Change Powerpoint B

Climate Change Time Machine

Test your knowledge about environmental changes 1

Test your knowledge about environmental changes 2


Another artist to inspire you:

Richard Long

Richard Long

Create a picture with sticks and stones - or items aroung the home! - large or small.

Take a picture and send it into school.