Year 4 Home Learning - Week 7


The Clock Tower - Video link

The Clock Tower - Activity Pack

10 activities in response to the short video clip - The Clock Tower

The Literacy Shed website should ALWAYS be used under the supervision of an adult. There are some clips on the site which are only suitable for use with Year 6 children or KS3. Please ensure that children do not search the website independently.

Reading and Writing


Visit Ducksters and encourage your child to choose a person to read about. Ask them to create a fact file on their chosen person using facts learnt.
With your child, take a look at this information all about Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. Complete the quiz and test your knowledge! 

Spelling Practise

Monday- Your child can choose a person that is significant to them and mindmap all of the words that they associate with this individual e.g. inspirational, heroic, intelligent, courageous. 

Tuesday- Practise spelling these words: information, adoration, sensation, preparation, admiration. Your child can list other words ending in ‘tion’. 
Wednesday- Your child can practise their year group spelling on Spelling Frame website. Can they write mnemonics for 5 words? e.g Rhythm Helps Your Two Hips Move. 
Thursday- Puzzle fun. Choose 5 Common Exception words and create a word search containing these spelling words. Who can find the words?
Friday- A-Z fun. Ask your child to list a famous or significant person that begins with each letter of the alphabet. 


Spotting Fractions - Background Learning

Learning to spot fractions is one of the first things that children should be learning. It links fractions of things to everyday life, and helps them to anchor their understanding of fractions into the world around them.

finding fractions image

In the image above, we can see that there are 8 butterflies. 4 of them are blue, 3 of them are yellow and 1 of them is orange.

This gives us the fractions as follows:

4/8 of the butterflies are blue;

3/8 of the butterflies are yellow;

1/8 of the butterflies are orange.

Using these sheets will help your child to: spot fractions of different objects and quantities.
The sheets on this page are graded, so the first 3 sheets are easier and have more support than the later sheets.

Fraction Spotting - Activity Sheets - fraction games

Grand Prix Multiplication


Find out about OP ART:

Create you own op art using the following resource:

Op Art - Shaded Shapes LessonPlan

Step by step instructions