Year 4 Home Learning Week Two


Reading comprehensions below are to be completed in your own time. You need not print them all out - read the text on the screen and answer the questions on separate piece of paper or verbally.

The sheets are in 3 levels (The stars can be found at the bottom of the pages). 

1 star - Hard

2 stars - Harder

3 stars - Hardest


Answers are provided at the end of each level.


Sound Waves

April Fool's Day


The Easter Story


These writing prompts below will give you some ideas to get your imagination following.

But try and make the children's writing meaningful. They could write to a friend or relative, and old people's home or even to their teacher via school to tell them about their experiences and to cheer everyone up! They could design a comic or write a story to send to a classmate or share with their siblings.

Year 4 Writing Prompts


Spring Maths Booklet

Practice your number skills:

Multiplying by 10s 1

Multiplying by 10s 2

Multiplying by 100s

Multiplying by 10 - 100s 

Use this online resourse below to identify acute, right or obtuse angles:

Measuring angles


Below is a link to BBC Bitesized and some relevant content:

Solids, Liquids And Gases

States of Matter Crossword


A website with lots of ideas... printable resources available on site.

Drawing from a Single Point Perspective


Pitt Rivers Museum

Housing over 600,000 objects, photographs and manuscripts from almost every country in the world and from all period of human existence, the displays – showing over 55,000 artefacts – are organised by type, rather than geographical region or time period. This typological arrangement can function as a 'democracy of things' and encourage global cross-cultural reflection and celebration of human creativity and cultural diversity. 

Why not visit this amazing Museum virtually!

Pitt Rivers Museum Virtual Tour