Year 6 - Home Learning

If you wish to send in some photos of your children completing work/doing tasks at home, they can be emailed to:

This may help to keep morale up - the email account will be checked sporadically and hopefully we can upload some for the other students to see.

Note: For any formal questions, please still contact the main school account.

Week One - week beginning Monday 23rd March 2020

Work and images from Week One are still available to view, by clicking on the link above...

Week Two - week beginning Monday 30th March 2020

Find the work to be completed for the week of Monday 30th March 2020. Each day has it's own separate link (with answers in a separate document).
Please note, the work will be uploaded the day before/the morning of to ensure that it is drip fed to the students and doesn't become too overwhelming.

Week Three - week beginning Monday 2oth April 2020

This is the first week of work after the Easter 'holiday'. Whilst this is the start of a new term in regards to work, the 'week counter' will keep going up to make sure it is easy to follow.

Week Four - week beginning Monday 27th April 2020

Week Five - Week beginning Monday 4th May 2020

Week Six - Week beginning Monday 11th May

Week Seven - Week beginning Monday 18th May

Week Eight - Week beginning Monday 1st June

Week Nine - Week beginning Monday 8th June

Week Ten - Week beginning Monday 15th June

Week Eleven- Week beginning Monday 22nd June

Week Twelve- Week beginning Monday 29th June

Week Thirteen- Week beginning Monday 6th July

Week Fourteen- Week beginning Monday 13th July

Additional Resources - Twinkl

If you are looking for additional work for your child, Twinkl tends to be a good resource to use. If you follow the link and go into the 'KS2 Home Learning' section, there will be many extra resources available.

Twinkl is usually behind a paywall but has been opened up recently to assist teachers, parents and students.

Additional Resources - Multiple links

This link will take you to a page that recommends many different online learning opportunities. There is a wide selection of websites that are fantastic. Most sites that you usually have to pay for have been opened up for free trials or made free for a certain period of time.

David Walliams - Free audio books uploaded daily.

Each day, David Walliams is uploading snippets of his books for free to listen to. Most of the children in the class love his books so this would be a great way to enjoy a relaxing 20 minutes or so.

The Royal Opera House - live streams.

For those of you seeking out some more culture, the Royal Opera House are streaming performances on their YouTube channel. Our excellent dancers, such as Oliver and Kyra, may enjoy this experience!

Joe Wicks - P.E. sessions starting week of Monday 23rd March

Metro link - Joe Wicks will be uploading P.E. sessions for all school children across the country on his YouTube channel, TheBodyCoachTV. Even if students don't complete the activity at the time, it will be accessible to complete at any time.

If you are feeling glum, visit this page and watch some animals!

Live webcam feeds of Edinburgh Zoo.

Or this page!

Live webcam feeds of San Diego Zoo.

Or this page!

Live webcam feeds from Houston Zoo.