Sports Premium Spend 2017-18

The school's grant allocation for this year totalled to the amount of £14,157.





Improve class teacher skills by delivering quality sports lessons



Nicola Higgins appointed as Sports Teacher to work across whole school to support and improve quality of teaching and learning PE.

Standards of teaching and learning are improving as teachers continue to observe quality lessons



Provide more opportunities for pupils to take part in inter-school competitions

Events include, football, netball, tag rugby, althletics, gymnastics, basketball, dodgeball, rounders and swimming.

The children have been successful in with gold, silver and bronze awards within the competition they take part in


New sports equipment

Increase resources available for PE lessons to include multi-sport.

Improve provision and quality of teaching in PE lessons


Offer more after-school clubs

Extend the after school club menu and monitor to ensure that all pupils undertake at least one club

Increased participation levels





Children general fitness and well being are encouraged

Playground equipment for use at break times and lunchtimes 

Children are active at playtimes


Keep school pool open for an extended period 

School pool is open in the Summer and Autumn Term

Children are confident and proficient at swimming



Total Spend