Year 1 Home Learning Week Three


I hope you all had a lovely Easter... and managed to eat lots of chocolate eggs! (I had a few too many Cadburys creme eggs! Yum).

The same as previous weeks... please find work set below and do what you can when you can - no pressure at all. You will find some Phonics, Reading, Literacy, Maths, Science and History. I will also attach some 'fun things' to do each week to help keep you entertained. 

For Literacy there is letter writing, some spellings with handwriting practise and a SPaG sheet, 

For Maths please take a look at the second half of the subtraction and addition booklet. Do as litte or as much as you can.

In Science this term we are going to be learning about the human body. And in History and Geography we will be looking at Christopher Columbus.

I really hope you are all getting on okay and enjoying this time with your family and most importantly staying safe. I miss you all a lot - please contact the school if you have a Zoom session as it would be lovely to see you all again.

Take care!

Miss Gardener : )

Handwriting and Spellings

Again there are 10 sheets on this document. I am unable to save them all indiviudally, but please complete the spellings and handwriting on page 2 this week. Please practise your cursive handwriting whilst doing the spellings. 

Phonics Activity Mat Two

Please complete Phonics Activity Mat Two. Again, there are several sheets. Please just do the second one this week. You can find the answer sheets towards the end of the document. 

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

On the link above you will find an activity mat for the children to complete. On the bottom left hand corner there are stars. 1 star = hard, 2 stars = harder and 3 stars = hardest, Please choose which sheet is appropiate. The answers are below each sheet. 

Grammar PowerPoint on Plurals

Above is a Powerpoint on plurals. 

Grammar activity on 'es' and 's'

Please complete this activity above after looking at the Plurals PowerPoint.

Reading about The Queen's Birthday

This is a text about The Queen's Birthday. Again, at the bottom of each sheet there are stars. 1 star = hard, 2 stars = harder and 3 stars = hardest, Please choose which sheet is appropiate. There are also answers underneath the question sheets. It might be worth reading this before you do the letting writing in Literacy.

Literacy PowerPoint on Letter Writing

For this weeks Literacy you will be letter writing. Please go through the PowerPoint above with your child.

Ensure the children understand the following:

1) That the recipient's address needs to be on the left hand side. 2) Your own address needs to be on the right hand side. 3) The date is written underneath your address. 4) Their letter opens with Dear Sir (the Queen's Private Secretary) and has a comma after. 5) Their letters ends with 'Yours Faithfully'. 6) They use capital letters for The Queen's name. 

Template for Letter Writing

Above is a template the children can use to help them with their letter writing. Again, the stars are at the bottom of each sheet - please choose the appropiate one for your child... or no sheet at all if they really want a challenge. 

Maths Addition and Subtraction pages 16 - 27

The above link is a maths addition and subtraction booklet. For this week please complete pg 16 - 27. If possible please complete 2- 3 pages a day.

Maths Addition and Subtraction Answers

Answers to the maths booklet on the link above. 

Science - Human Body PowerPoint

Please go through this PowerPoint to learn about the Human Body. You can also watch this link:

Science - Body Parts Labelling Activity

Choose one of the children on the sheets, cut out (or write) the different names of the body parts and stick in the correct places.

Science - Body Parts Crossword

Complete this Body Parts Crossword for an extra challenge!

History - All about Christopher Columbus 

Go through the PowerPoint above and look at the link below to learn all about the famous explorer Christopher Columbus.

History - Christopher Columbus Activity

Fill in the blanks and see how many you can get right! (The answers are on the second sheet). 

Fun Things - Make a butterfly feeder

Open the sheet above to see how to make a butterfly feeder. 

Fun Things - Design a birthday cake for The Queen

Why not design The Queen a lovely birthday cake?

Fun Things - Coloring sheet to say thank you to the NHS

A window rainbow to show our appreciation to the NHS during these times. 

 And last but least, if you have your own lego (or you could even draw a design) take a look at this lego challenge: