Year 2 Home Learning Week Three

Summer Term Week 1

On Tuesday 21st April it is the Queen's birthday. There is a powwerpoint about The Queen, along with a few ideas and activities for your child to follow up their learning with. Please have fun picking and choosing the work and feel free to branch out and be even more creative!

Design a Party hat for the Queen

If I were King or Queen for the day!

The Queen's Birthday - Reading Comprehension

Design your own party hat to celebrate!

Maths WC 20.04.20

Hi, Hope everyone is well and enjoyed the 'Easter holidays'! 

Click on the link below for some Maths work to have a go at.   Click on the link that says Summer term week 1 and do lesson 1 on Monday, lesson 2 on Tuesday and so on. Each lesson has a short video clip to watch showing you what to do and then a sheet of practise questions. No need to print the questions out, just read them on screen and work out the answers on any piece of paper.  you may not even get through all the questions. Just give them your best shot, which we know you will.

As it has been a while since we were together, if you want to share what you have been doing you can always email pictures to the email below and we can share some pictures on here. For example I have been doing some cooking with the girls! We made easter nests, then planted lots of seeds to grow (hopefully!) and made our own garden creatures! You don't need to just email pictures of your work, itcan be of anything you have been doing and enjoying! 

Mrs Grumbt  x

The email is


FRIDAY- ideas

We hope that you are all well and safe. Here are a few more ideas to help you with some home schooling. Bitesize has great daily lessons and the Oak academy has been set up by teachers with more ideas.