Year 3 Summer Term 2019

Summer Term – “Growth”



  • Knows that dark is the absence of light.
  • Can set up a fair test and make predictions.
  • Can investigate surfaces that reflect light.
  • Can recognise that a mirror image appears to reverse.
  • Can identify some parts of the eye and knows the sun can damage some parts of the eye.
  • Can identify opaque, translucent and transparent objects.
  • Knows a shadow is formed when a solid object blocks light and that shadows can change size.


  • Can identify different parts of a flower and explain the functions of the different parts of plants.
  • Can identify and describe the stages of the life cycle of flowering plants.
  • Can set up investigations and make predictions.
  • Can make observations and conclusions.
  • Can answer questions based on their learning

Geography – “Rainforests”

  • Can use an Atlas to locate countries where Rainforests are found.
  • Can name and label a map to show countries where rainforests are found.
  • Knows Rainforests are found near the Equator and can find the Equator on a map.
  • Can find the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn on a map.
  • Can describe what the weather is like in a tropical climate. 
  • Can name the four layers of the Rainforest
  • Can talk about the animals and plants found in each layer.
  • Can talk about similarities and differences between the Amazon Rainforest and Sherwood Forest.
  • Knows what deforestation means.

History – “The growth of the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain”

  • Can talk about the successful invasion by Claudius and conquest, including Hadrian’s Wall.
  • Can talk about the ‘Romanisation of Britain.’
  • Can talk about Romans beliefs and cultures.
  • Can talk about Roman withdrawal from Britain in 410 AD and the fall of the Western Roman Empire

Art and Design

  • Can design and make a Roman/Celtic shield and a mosaic.
  • Can research and give an opinion on the work of Henri Rousseau.
  • Can design and make a moving plant using pneumatic pressure.
  • Can make choices about materials to use to weave.

Computing – Email and Graphing

  • Can send an email with attachments and respond to emails appropriately.
  • Can enter data into a graph and answer questions.
  • Can solve an investigation and present the results in graphic form.

PE – Swimming, Athletics, Rounders or Cricket,

  • Can swim a distance of 25metres.
  • Can use running, jumping, throwing and catching in isolation and in combination.
  • Can apply learned skills in a game of rounders/cricket.


  • Can identify common foods.
  • Can talk about foods they like or dislike.
  • Can identify members of the family


  • Can sing songs with expression using two-part harmonies.
  • Knows that music can be organised in sequences and layers.
  • Can create music using their own ideas and making choices about the musical structure.

RE – Christianity

  • Can retell a story that shows the authority of Jesus, suggesting how a Christian might understand the story
  • Can discuss a made-up story tells a truth.